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Books by Susan Clayton-Goldner

Winston Radhauser Series:

Redemption Lake #1

When Time is a River #2

A River of Silence #3

River of Shame #4

Lake of the Dead #5

Bloody Creek Murder #6

Red Hatchet Falls #7


Other Books by Susan:

A Bend in the Willows


Missing Pieces

The Author .

Susan lives with her husband, Andreas, and her books in Grants Pass, Oregon. She grew up with four brothers in New Castle, Delaware. She graduated from the University of Arizona in The Creative Writing Program. She has been writing most of her life. She worked at the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona as the Director of Corporate Relations.


It's just another day at work until Detective Radhauser gets a frantic call that there has been a shooting at the Mountain View High School. Within four minutes he and his partner are there to witness the chaos that is happening. Students are running, some are hiding behind a fountain which is blood red from students being shot. He stops to help an injured student and to get some pertinent information about the shooting. He knows that procedure demands that he waits for SWAT but there could be more injured students so he heads into the school. When he learns that the shooting started in the band room he heads there. What he finds horrifies him. In the band room, he finds two students on the floor, one is dead and the other barely hanging on while in the practice room he finds a boy and a girl dead. He finds in the hand of the girl a Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun. The girl is 15-year-old Kristina Sterling, she is wearing a pink hoodie that everyone says they saw shooting from that room. Did she kill the kids and then shoot herself. Everyone says that Kristina is the shooter but Detective Radhauser doesn't believe it. Can he prove that she didn't do it and can he find the real shooter?

My thoughts

 I did get this book for free so I can review it but this is my review with my own thoughts. Every time this author writes a new novel I need to read it. I love all of her books. Lake of Bad Dreams captivated me from the moment I started reading this book because it's about a shooting at a school. Who doesn't want to finish this book to read about the who or the why of the shooting? This book has its gripping moments. This book may be fiction but the events are ones you hear about in the news in real life. I love that the author makes it so real that it's like you are there. There is an air of mystery because, in the beginning, the shooter is already named but the question you have in your mind while reading is did she really do it and why. I wish we had more detectives like Radhause.


If you love to read fast-paced mystery books then this book is for you. You should also check out books 1-7 in this series.