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How to Crochet a Makeup Pad

I am always thinking of something new to crochet and to use. I had decided to stop buying things that I could crochet or sew to reuse over and over again. I use this pad to wash my face with. I love this. The great thing about the pattern is that you can make it any size you want. I used this pattern and crocheted a make up pad, washcloth and coasters. This is great for yourself or gifts for loved ones.


Chain 4 then slip stitch the two ends together. Then chain 3.

Then crochet 11 double crochet (dc) stitch. You should have 12 in all. Then slip stitch and chain 3.

Then do 2 dc in each stitch. You should have 24. Slip stitch and chain 3.

Then do 2 dc in 1 stitch and then 1 dc in the next. Repeat this until you reach the end. You should have 36. Slip stitch and chain 3.

Do 2 dc in 1 stitch then 3 dc in single stitch. Repeat this then slip stitch. Cut the yarn and pull yarn through. Weave the end into the makeup pad.