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Places to go in Searsport and Belfast Maine

Searsport Antique Mall

The Searsport Antique Mall is open all year round and 7 days a week. The mall is located in mid-coast Maine between Camden and Bar Harbor on Route1. It has one of the largest group shops. They have a staff that loves to help and will go the extra mile to help you. This mall is great if you just want a few pieces for your home or if you are furnishing your home. It carries items from the 18th to 20th century to art pottery to hooked rugs and much more. The items are displayed in room-like settings.

The video is where my parents and I go to eat our lunch at the docks. It is beautiful. You get to see the ocean with its ships. The wind blowing in your hair. The sound of seagulls flying through the air. The people on the docks are friendly as they tell you if they caught any fish.

Notable people of Searsport

Here is a list of 6 notable men of Searsport:

1. Roswell K. Colcord, the 7th Governor of Nevada, who was born in Searsport.

2. Peter A Garland, a US Congressman, and town manager of Searsport.

3. Sam Houston, bodyguard to George Washington, who was one of the residents in Searsport.

4. Freeman McGilvery, an Army officer, who was born in Searsport.

5. Ephraim K. Smart, a US Congressman, who was born in Searsport.

6. Frederick Stevens, a US Representative from Minnesota, who was raised in Searsport.


Belfast Maine

Perry's Nut House Belfast Maine

Perry's Nut House first opened its doors in 1927, when I.L. Perry where he sold pecans from Georgia and other nuts. Before long, Perry added curios and museum pieces that he collected on his travels in his store were eventually had to move into a bigger building. He moved his store into what was at one time a sea captain's home. At one time, he had customers like Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Waldo Pierce (a painter and friend of Ernest Hemingway), Fay Emerson (actress) and Pierre Monteux (symphony conductor and instructor). When Perry died in 1940, a nineteen-year-old, Joshua Treat III, became the new owner. He continued the traditions of Perry and added his own pieces that he obtained from his travels. It soon became the "must-see" place in the world as it is today. If you are visiting this beautiful sea town, you must visit this place, where you can buy Maine products, sample the delicious fudge and see the attractions. There is also a jewelry store connected to this one that you must check out. Every time that I am visiting my family in Maine, we take a trip to Searsport and check out Perry's Nut House.

Belfast Co-op Store

This store is located in downtown Belfast and it is a place I always stop when going to the coast. I love this fascinating and big store of organic and natural items. They everything that you can think of from face products to beverages to food to cleaning supplies and many more. This is a must go to place when visiting Belfast. You won't be disappointed.