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Enchanted Forest Theme Park in Salem Oregon

We went to this theme park in the year 2010. I was running a furniture store in Yakima Washington. At that time my husband, Rocky was filling in as a delivery driver for Home Depot in Salem Oregon. It was his last week and he called me up and told me to close the store and drive to Portland Oregon, so I could be with him for that week. I closed the store went home and packed and called my Aunt to tell her where I would be. I then went to our computer and mapped quest the address. I was going to meet him in Portland Oregon then he would drive the rest of the way to Salem. I was glad because I was driving to Oregon all by myself with no cell phone and no one to help with directions. I was nervous and scared because I had never driven this far from a distance by myself. So, it is a three-hour drive from my home to Portland. So, I head out, it was easy for a while. I keep thinking to myself that I can do this. So, after a while, I decided to stop at a gas station to make sure I am going in the right direction. I am, if I had gone a little more I would have been at the bridge that when you go over, you are in the Dalles Oregon. So, I go to their big gas station, use the restroom and call Rocky on the phone. He asks me where I am because I should have been in Portland by now. At this time, it has been pouring rain and that doesn’t help when you have no phone or must read the map by yourself. I eventually, make it to Portland. A three-hour drive took me almost seven hours to drive. But I made it in one peace and was happy in the end that I did drive.

Gift Shops

The Enchanted Forest Theme Park offers its visitors three various kinds of shops. The Entrance Gift shop offers t-shirts, souvenirs and travel toys whereas the Opera House shop offers its visitors Western items, inexpensive toys, candy and t-shirts and is in the Tofteville Western Town and the third gift shop is the Geppetto’s Toys Treasures and Trinkets, located in the Old European Village and has the artistic items.

Start your visit by walking through the beautiful and fun Storybook Lane. Storybook lane was the first attractions built and it still has most of its original creations. While walking through, you will come across the crooked man’s house but try to keep your balance if you can; Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater; you will have to crawl through Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole; and slide down the slide in the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, which is fun. My favorite attraction was entering the witch’s castle through her mouth and sliding out her hair. Along the way, you will also see attractions like Hansel and Gretel; the three bears; Humpty Dumpty; Mary had a little lamb, Little Red Riding Hood and many more.


There is much more to see from the Tofteville Western Town with its Fort Fearless and the underground passage and tunnels to the Old European Village with the Challenge of Mondor and Fantasy water light shows to comedy theatre and music to panning for treasure. You couldn’t see these fantastic things in one day. And when you're hungry or thirsty, come and enjoy their vast selections of food from Gretel’s Grill; Jolly Roger Inn; their pulled pork and beef barbeque; the nice and cool Ice Cream Parlor; Theatre Snack bar; Snack carts and my favorite Mary’s Coffee Cottage which is located by the castles picnic area which serves coffee drinks, smoothies, teas, milkshakes and much more. You can even bring your own food and beverage but just not alcoholic beverages.


My husband and I went on the Big Timber Log Ride and when we came down that was the first time, I had ever heard him scream. I thought it was funny. The only thing that I was thinking was that I hoped my hearing aids wouldn't get wet with the water slide and it was raining. This park also includes rides like the Big Timber Log Ride; Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster; Challenge of Mondor; Bumper Cars and the Haunted House, which is fun. For the kids, there is frog hopper; kiddie bumper boats; kiddie ferris wheel and tiny tune train. There are rides for everyone to enjoy.