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Las Vegas World Market Center

We got a great deal when we bought our plane ticket and combined it with our hotel room. Since we lived in Yakima Washington, my husband, friend and I drove to Portland Oregon, where we parked our car for the few days that we would be in Vegas. We had to take a bus to get to the airport after we parked our car. Since our plane was very small, all we could take was a small luggage. Where my husband and I took a big backpack each, our friend took a carry-on suitcase and ended up paying more for his suitcase then his ticket. It didn't take long to get to our destination. Before we knew it, we were in Vegas. We took either a bus or taxi to our hotel (I can't remember which). It was cool to see the city since I have never been there before.

The reason for this trip was to check out vendors for our furniture store. My husband had been to this market before but this time he wanted me to come with him. I am glad that I did. This market opened on a Monday and was over on Friday. We arrived on Wednesday. This market was three buildings and many floors. We didn't see them all. We went to the vendors that we ordered from first to see if they had anything new then went to see new vendors. We took a taxi to get there in the mornings and a bus back to our hotel at the end of the day. There was a map for each building so you knew what vendor and what they sold was on which floor. It was fun except for the heavy backpack filled with brochures and books that the vendors gave us. It was a magical world of furniture, mattresses, decor, art, and everything else that would be seen and used in a home. We came home with ideas of what we wanted in our store.

When we went to Las Vegas, we stayed at the Flamingo Hotel. It is a big hotel. I don't remember what room or floor number we stayed on but we had to take an elevator ride. I know that it wasn't close to the main floor. Our room was big and spacious with two beds, a couch, a coffee table and a bathroom. It was nice. The gift shop in the hotel had the practical items and the souvenirs. I had forgotten my charger for my phone so I was so glad that they had one for me to purchase. The view from my room was beautiful especially at night when you can see the city and the sky with its lights.


Caesar's Palace

My trip to Las Vegas