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40 Day Shift: A Journey of Karma and Giving Back

Information on the Book

Are you interested in Karma, if so, then you need to read this 46-page book on 40 Day Shift: A Journey of Karma and Giving Back by Infinity Stone. This book is about her personal experience with Karma and how she gives back. The book was published on January 13, 2018, and sold by Amazon Digital Services, LLC.

The Author

Infinity Stone wrote this book because she wanted to improve her Karma and wanted to give back to others. This is her personal experience. She works long hours in sales.


"Is there any correlation between contributing to the world and improving your spiritual path" (40 Day Shift by Infinity Stone)? This is what the author wanted to know. So with this in mind, she decides to implement spiritual concepts for 40 days. She chooses to start from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day because this is the time that most people give the most. She chose three different ways to give back and they are gratitude, connecting, and giving back. Her goal in doing this was "to spend one hour a day working toward gratitude, connecting and giving back, every day aiming for at least one good deed. Afterward, I'd reassess my progress and hopefully, uncover new ways to reflect as well as pay it forward" (40 Day Shift by Infinity Stone).

According to the Table of Contents, this book will be on the following:

-Preface: Imagine



-Giving Back

-The Forty-Day Shift

-Day 1: Thanksgiving Day

-Day 2 -Day 40: New Year's Day

-Key Takeaways

The author gives the name of the places that she donates too and what they do in their organizations. She also gives us the reason for her donation and what happened that day to make her choose that place. She donates her money, time and personal stuff to these places. The author loves doing this. She gives to places that I have heard of and some that I have never heard off. Some of the places are Red Cross, Goodwill, Broadway Cares, Kiva, these are just a few of them.

After writing this book, the author said this, "I have a better understanding of ways to make a noticeable impact in our interconnected world. In centering myself, I am able to reinforce those opportunities to help with more people's lives, struggles, and dreams" (40 Day Shift by Infinity Stone).

My thoughts

What I like about the book is that it reads in an easy manner that is easy to understand and follow. This book reads like a diary. The way she writes it makes you want to keep reading until the end. What I like is that she puts in a link to the website of all the places that she donates to.

This book would be great for readers who love to read about Religion, Spirituality, Karma, Other Eastern Religions, and Sacred Texts this is the book for you.