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A River of Silence by Susan Clayton-Goldner


"Winston Radhauser will fight for justice, even if it means losing his job," (River of Silence: A Winston Radhauser Mystery #3). If you want to see how he does this then you will have to read A River of Silence: A Winston Radhauser Mystery #3 by Susan Clayton-Goldner. This book was published on January 24, 2018, by Tirgearr Publishing and sold by Amazon Digital Services, LLC. The cover designer is by Elle Rossi. The genre of this exciting and thrilling 302-page novel is mystery, thriller, suspense, murder, and crime. If you love this kind of book then you will love this book.

About the Author,

Susan lives in Oregon with her husband, Andreas and their cat, Topaz. Before moving to Oregon, Susan worked at the University Medical Center in Tucson Arizona as their Director of Corporate Relations. She was born in Delaware with four brothers. She has spent most of her life writing. Some of her writings have won some awards.


Detective Winston Radhauser knew it was bad when his phone rang so early in the morning. He races to the address he was given and was met by a horrific sight. He sees an overturned coffee table, a broken lamp shattered on the floor, water on the floor and a trail of blood. He follows the trail of blood and then sees Caleb Bryce, who is nearly deaf, is giving 19-month-old, Skyler, CPR. Skyler is taken to the hospital and then an hour later is dead.

Skyler was murdered, who could do such a thing. The town demands an arrest. The Police Captain is under pressure to make an arrest. Caleb Bryce is arrested for the murder of Skyler Sterling. Detective Winston Radhauser thinks its to early to make an arrest and he believes in Caleb's innocence. Caleb's, the public defender believes that her client is innocent. Can they work together to find the truth and prove the innocence of Caleb before he is convicted of murder?

This book revolves around four main characters. The 19-month-old victim, Skyler Sterling, Detective Winston Radhauser, the lead detective that was the first person on the scene and who believes in the innocence of Caleb Bryce, the nearly deaf guy who is being tried for Skyler's murder and his young public defender who believes he is innocent, Kendra Palmer. Throughout the book, the characters stay in form and they are believable. What happens in this book, could happen in reality and probably does. You do feel sympathy for Caleb Bryce because, throughout the book, he says that he didn't do it and he always repeats what happens the same. You are rooting for him to get the not guilty plea. And of course, you feel sadness for Skyler because he died. My favorite character is Kendra because she is going the extra mile to make sure her client gets the not guilty verdict. She puts her pride on the back burner to ask her father, a well-known attorney for help even though she doesn't want to. She has the drive to get it done and this is her first solo case. And she believes in her client's innocence from the first moment.

The other important characters are Dana and Reggie, Skyler's parents, his brother, Scott, Tilly, Caleb's neighbor, Bear and his son Henry which are friends of Dana's, and Winston's wife and daughter, Grace, and Lizzie. These characters are important to know since they are intertwined in Caleb's life.

My thoughts

I would definitely recommend this book to readers who love the crime, detective, suspense, etc genre. This book keeps your attention from the first page. If you love series novels then you will love this one. This book is so riveting that I plan to read the first two books in this series. Even though this is the third one, it stands on its own. You can't tell that this is part of a series.

In my opinion, this is one of the best books that I have read in this genre. There is nothing that I didn't like about it. I couldn't put it down. The way the author starts this book, just caught my attention and I had to read it to find out what happened to the main character. I loved the book but what is my favorite part was that the detective and the lawyer believed that he wasn't guilty and going to prove it no matter what. I also liked that it was believable. Everything that was written went together perfectly. The way it was written, you can picture in your mind what was going on in these scenes from the courtroom to the living room in which Caleb is trying to do CPR on the victim. You can picture this in your mind as you read it and that makes this book so great.