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About the Book

If you love poetry then you will want to read this 93-page The Immigrant's Lament by Mois Benarroch. This book was published by Moben Publishing on December 25, 2013. This book is also written in Hebrew and English.

The Author

Mois Benarroch was born in Morocco in 1959. He is a poet in Israel whereas he is a novelist in Spain. This book was first published in 1994, not in English but in Hebrew. If you love this book then you will happy to learn that he has written 30 books. He writes in three languages and doesn't write in one specific area but many.


This book of poems is on the life of the poet. This 53 poem book focuses on love, family, friends, freedom, and life. Out of these 53 poems, only two poems are longer than a page. The Immigrant's Life, which is told in 3rd person, is about the poet's life in 18 pages it focused on when he and his family left home to move to Israel. The Self Portrait of the Poet in a Family Mirror is 12 pages long and talks about who he is and what he wants.

The following are some of the poems that you will read in this book:

- The Immigrant's Lament

- Watch

- Promises

- Lisbon

- Can a poem help

- She writes a diary

- Speech of the man after the birth of his first son

My Thoughts

I read this book because I love poems and I have written poems before. The Immigrant's Lament is about the author's life at various times. The great thing about this book is that there is a poem on each page so it makes it easier to read and to follow. The author put his Table of Contents in the back of his book which I didn't care for since this is the first time I have seen it. There were a few errors but not many errors but nothing major that would take anything from this book. I would definitely recommend this book to all poetry lovers.