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Poem: Death Comes To Us All

This article is my way of saying goodbye to my recent family loss. Just this month, I lost a grandfather and a grandmother within two days. Everyone deal with death in their own way. There is no wrong or right way to grieve.

My grandfather (my dad's father) died on September 1st of this month and my grandmother (my husband's grandmother) died the next day on September 2nd. So I had two deaths to grieve. My grandfather lived in Maine so I couldn't go to his funeral but I will be able to go to my grandmother's since we live close by. The closure is always good. I will get closure this week when I go to my grandmother's graveside services. So for me to get the closure I decided to write this goodbye article.

I wrote poems and had them published when I was a teenager. So when my cousin died unexpectedly, I wrote this poem for him. When my grandmother and grandfather died, this poem reflected how I felt.



You can't escape it

It's everywhere

one minute you are here

The next you are gone

You can't run away from it

It always catches up

with you, and it doesn't

care who dies or who

it leaves behind.


My grandfather

My grandfather was born on July 13, 1934, in Dixmont Maine. During his lifetime, he worked in the woods as a logger, worked in junkyards, was a millwright, spinner, heavy equipment mechanic, maintenance man, and a carpenter. He married my grandmother (she died in 2004) in 1954 and they had 7 children. Growing up, hunting was a big event in my family. Every year the menfolk would go hunting and bring the deer back to my grandparent's place. The men would tan it, cut it up and our womenfolk would wrap it and package it. My fondest memories are that I would be helping gramps cutting it up and then taking it into the dining room so the women could package it.

The holidays were big also. Christmas was great fun. We would pick names and whoever we picked we would buy a gift for them since there were so many of us. There was always great fun at my grandparent's home. I spent a lot of time at their house since we lived next to them.